The Malta Program, is a Residency by Investment Program that may lead to Citizenship given that an investor/applicant is successfully eligible to acquire Maltese Nationality. This is subject to a stringent due diligence process and the approval of the Minister responsible for Citizenship. There is a capping of a maximum of four hundred cases per year for a total of one thousand five hundred cases over a period of three years. The re-engineered Program provides investors with two possible routes to Citizenship, the first one following a period of twelve months and another one after thirty six months. Families, including parents-in-law, grandparents and dependents not exceeding the twenty nine years age brackets, are eligible to apply. Applicants are expected to satisfy the relevant criteria up to and including residing in Malta for a period of time as well as invest €10,000 in a local voluntary organization. Residency permits are being issued with an eligibility period of three years.


The Malta Residency to Citizenship Program is one of the most prestigious and attractive Programs in the world. It allows applicants the right to live, work and study in the 27 EU countries, and enjoy travel freedom with visa-free access to 182 countries worldwide. Applicants receive a fast-track residence card within 3 weeks, which allows investors to reside in Malta and travel visa-free throughout the Schengen area for thirty-six months.

Malta Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP)

One of the most attractive permanent residency programmes available is the Malta Permanent Residence Programme. The Programme which is regulated by a robust legal framework, has so far attracted thousands of applications from all over the world. It is a permanent residency programme which allows applicants, parents-in-law and grandparents the opportunity to reside or settle indefinitely in Malta or Gozo. The residency cards provide an opportunity to applicants to travel within the twenty-six countries making up the Schengen zone one hundred and eighty days per year. Once residency is attained, applicants may opt to find employment and/or set up a business in Malta or Gozo. The investment is reasonable given that the Maltese islands are continuously registering growthin their economy.


◆ The right to settle and reside permanently in Malta or Gozo;
◆ Freedom of movement – access visa-free to the Schengen Zone;
◆ Option to redeem qualifying investment after 5 years;
◆ A residency card that supports employment opportunities;
◆ Unique business opportunities and grants for prospective investors;
◆ A residency programme that allows four generations of families to apply;
◆ A competitive low application fee when compared to other European residency programmes.


◆ Be a third country national and is not a Maltese, EEA or Swiss national;
◆ Not benefit under any other relevant Malta government scheme;
◆ In receipt of stable resources to maintain himself and dependants without recourse to the Maltese social assistance system;
◆ In possession of a valid travel document;
◆ Has a capital of €500,000 (Amongst which at least €150,000 are in liquidity, cash on account or financial instruments);
◆ Submit application via accredited MRVP agent;;
◆ Pass a strict 4-tier due diligence test.

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